Apr 2005
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Just kidding. The ankle hasn't bled since Tuesday night. But it really wants to bleed today.

So Rocky went to the vet for his feline leukemia test and a check up. You'll all be happy to here that he is mostly disease free. I say mostly because they did say some antibiotics home to apply to his eyes. It seems to be helping though. His eyes have been less goobery. He's twice as big as he was when they weighed him 3 weeks ago. He's up to 1 pound now. Since he is mostly disease free he has now been given the run of the bathroom which he seems quite happy about. I don't have any new pictures of him today. Maybe tomorrow night.

I do have 2 new screenshots from World of WarCraft and I added the Pikachu and My Cats pages back to the pictures section, although they still aren't complete.

Bowling sucked this week. Well let me say that I sucked at bowling. Well no maybe it just sucked in general. But that's kind of an involved story and a bit more personal. Let's just say I'm seriously debating my bowling future.

Well that's not really my whole week, but it's all of it that I have the energy to type up. Maybe if I get some sleep tonight I'll try to type some more tomorrow and take some Rocky pictures.
Okay let's start off with a disclaimer, I am tired. Remember that as you read.

So I learned Saturday that it's perhaps not a good idea to try to pick up an exercise routine right where you left off six months ago. Yup I decided to start running again. Well after the first 1/2 mile nearly killed me, we slowed the pace on the treadmill, finished that mile, walked a mile jogged 2 more miles and finally walked one last mile. Wow it was sad. 5 miles in 60 minutes. Guess it will be a while before I make it back to 10 miles in 80 minutes. Oh well that's what I get for taking the holidays off. I still need to move the treadmill to New Richmond, but I'm thinking I'll wait until I can move my legs. I don't know which is worse, the sore muscles or the quarter sized blister on the back of my left heel. My shoe must not have been on right or something.

It made step construction interesting today though. The front steps on the corner house were rotten, so we were going to replace them. Well it turns out that a good portion of the supports for the front porch were rotten too. So today was spent jacking up the front porch and putting new supports under it. But that all went fairly smoothly and we even got the support structure up for the top of the steps. I haven't done pictures of the garage apartment for a while. It's pretty much done now, so I should probably take some photos of it before my parents find someone to wreck... er, I mean.. rent it.

Well as I said I'm tire so I'm going to try to keep this short. So on that note, I've posted some new pictures of Rocky. Just a few but you should be able to compare them to the first few photos to get an idea of how much he's grown. I have to call tomorrow and get him an appointment at the vet as he's getting to the point where he'd like a bit more room to move. Litter training has been going well. He actually took to it like a duck to water. Well sort of. We still have some issues. Like he keeps getting litter stuck to the back of his leg. I don't know if he sits in it after he pees or what, but hopefully as he gets taller and more mobile it will resolve itself. My attempts to introduce some soft kitten food have been less encouraging. He's getting teeth but still isn't really interested in the soft food yet.

Man who knew this little bugger would be so much pressure. Not so much taking care of him, but just keeping his adoring fans up to date. This is one popular kitten. I'm thinking about getting him his own phone line. if I had a long enough USB cable I could bring the webcam in so his fans could check in on him. Actually.... I have an X10 camera around here somewhere... I wonder what I have for a video capture card and software. I'll keep you all posted on that possibility. While it would be nice to be able to check on him from work, I'm a little concerned about hooking up a video camera in my bathroom. Happy

Well off to the pre-bedtime feeding and then ... bedtime.
okay okay
Alright so I've been a bit of a slacker this week and haven't added any of the picture pages back or done any updates on Rocky. I'll admit that I've been using Rock's new found eating ability to do a little catch up in the World of WarCraft.

However, today I noticed I have a lot of catch up to do. I've been playing as Gnick a lot lately and haven't seen Ed online recently. I knew he was at level 59 but I figured since I hadn't seen him he hadn't hit the "wall" yet. But tonight when I logged in as Hedana and looked at the guild page I saw that he has hit the magical level 60 ceiling. So I guess I have some work to do to finish those last 11 levels.

On the plus side of my Hedana session tonight... I had a chance to talk to Elohym tonight. He's our guild leader. It sounds like our guild, , will be merging with another guild, . From what Elohym was telling me they have about 47 members, a large portion of which are level 60. That'll come in handy for finding people to do dungeon raids and really nice for when the Battlegrounds patch is released.

Okay now on to some real life matters. Rocky is doing well. I think I'm just going to do weekend photos as a sort of growth progression thingy. Tonight I'm going to introduce the concept of litter box to him. He seems to be headed that direction anyway as he's already chosen a corner of the cardboard box to do his business. It should be interesting.

On another Rocky note, he scared the crap out of my aunt today. She had the day off today, so she stopped by to check up on him and such. Well when she got here, his eye goobers had sealed his eyelids shut. So she was all in a panic and was going to take him to the vet. Well by the time she got all set and ready to go, he had managed to get his eyes open. This story today didn't worry me in the slightest as it happened to me yesterday. I'm going to make Rocky a vet appointment for next week to get him check for Feline Leukemia so I'll have to ask about the eye goobers.

I went in this morning to get my permanent crown installed. I must say it looks nicer and feels much better. My gums are still a little sore around it but not nearly as bad as with my temporary. The top of it is much more rounded than my actual teeth. My actual teeth feel much sharper in comparison. But as long as it works...

Speaking of new things... I finally decided on what to get with the Amazon.com gift certificate that I had. I decided to pick up Season 3 of Smallville on DVD and the Ozzy box set "Prince of Darkness". Oh and more new things, well not exactly new, but new information to me... I was watching some TV with dinner and was going to check the Trio station to see if "Laugh In" was on (yes I know it's a TV show from like a billion years ago and the only reason I get half the jokes is because I have a history degree, but it's still funny). Anyway, it's gone. No Trio for me. So I checked DTV's channel listing and it isn't there anymore. The got rid of Trio and didn't inform me. I of course wrote an email of complaint. I liked Trio. Couldn't they get rid of one of the home shopping channels or one of the 100 billion news channels?

Anyway, my parent's are putting me back to work this weekend. Just a quick build steps project, but my mom also wants me to sit down and figure out what I need to order to redo my roof. I suppose it would be good to do it before it gets too warm out. I've come to like my weekends off, but I'll get used to working on them again eventually.

That reminds me, one of these days I have to get around to moving Angie's treadmill from her house to mine.

That's all for today's entry. I think I may switch the blog archiving to weekly instead of monthly. Oh and for all those of you who have been waiting patiently, you only have a short time left to wait. It looks good, but I don't know if it looks $129 good.

Well I'm off to get my small game license and shoot me some wild kittens...
Thank goodness
So the move to the Mac Mini finally happened. Let me tell you something, the moving of an iPhoto library and RapidWeaver doesn't work well. So for the moment a bunch of my picture pages are down. But the fish and kitten pages remained intact and let's face it that's why you're here.

So the thank goodness title refers to a new talent the kitten learned Saturday. We finally found a bottle and nipple from which he'll nurse. And holy crap what a little glutton. Feeding now takes about 10 minutes instead of 30. And I think he can out burp me.

He's getting more mobile too. Friday night I had to put the flaps up on the box because he learned to escape from the box. I added some pictures of the little guy wandering around on the floor in the computer room. He's getting to be a good little runner too.

The fish page also has some new pictures, including the missing Charlie pictures. I think I've managed to work out the problems with the chemicals in the 29 gallon aquarium. I lost one guppy in the process though. I think the ammonia level was too high for some reason. But everyone seems to be doing fine in there now.

I've finished moving my pictures to the Mac Mini too. As I said though the move screwed up some of my pages. So eventually I have a TON of photos to add to the site. No I mean it. There are a TON. Right now there are 1353 pictures in my iPhoto library.

For those of you who own Macs and are running OS 10.3 or higher, I highly recommend the program called "Delicious Library" from Delicious Monster. It's a program that keeps track of your movies, CDs, games, and books. When you add an item it searches Amazon.com and adds in the all the information (release year, author, summary, etc...) automatically.

Well, the kitten is sleeping now so I'm going to get some gaming in while it's quiet. I'll try to start recreating picture pages this week. I'll also have to try to remember to add some Mac Mini pictures too.
People make me sick
Okay some of you have probably heard the kitten story, but for those who haven't here it is:

This little guy was discovered in a plastic bag inside of a paper bag by the garbage can behind Mike and Amy's house in North Minneapolis. So I volunteered to take care of him.

He seems to be doing well but has been reluctant to eat despite being very hungry (he was try to nurse from Pika who was more than willing but unable). But after a trip to the vet we are now eating a bit better. He seems to be okay with formula from a little syringe (like what you get wormer in). We're guessing he's probably about 2-3 weeks old, but as I said seems to be in good shape all things considered. The girl at the vet thinks he'll do just fine.

That was the story as of Sunday night. I took Monday off to feed and take care of the little bugger and he seems to be doing quite well. He's been eating much better now that he (and I) have the hang of the syringe. I'm a bit worried about leaving him alone for so long today, but I'm leaving work at 2 to go home and check on him. Tomorrow my aunt has volunteered to stop and check on him since she doesn't work. We'll have to see what Thursday and Friday bring.

Yesterday was an interesting experience for me. I must say that after yesterday I don't think I'll have any problem changing baby diapers. You would not believe the crap that came out of that kitten yesterday. And the stuff will not come out of fur.

But he seems much stronger already. You should see him walking around the bathroom rug. There's a general consensus that it is a boy. So his name is most likely going to be Rocky because he's a little fighter.

Check back later for updates and hopefully some more pictures and maybe video.
...than you can shake a stick at
This was a HUGE update. I'm of course referring to RapidWeaver. I was just playing around while updating some pages and have discovered some cool new features, like the button that insert "Today in History" and the button that inserts a stock quote.

But the best feature of the day has to be the addition of comments. You can comment on current blog entries, such as the one you are reading right now. So you may now tell me to get a life and stop playing video games right here and now. I've also added a new contact page that you can use to send me email. Hopefully I'll be able to pick it out of the sea of SPAM.

I think I'm going to have to try to redo my Bio and Links pages though. I just don't want to edit them as html code anymore. Another change I thought of today and implemented was the main Pictures page. That page will now be home to the most recently added pictures to the albums.

Today's picture addtions are of the new 29 gallon aquarium. And why is it 29 gallons? Why couldn't they just make it an even 30 gallons? I don't get it. But I think I did a good job decorating it, although it seems a little spatan. Well you be the judge, check it out here.

In WoW news, Blizzard got everything sorted out, sort-of. I was still having issues with freezing, but I think I managed to get that fixed by deletely a cache file. I'm sad to say the boat from Menethil Harbor to Auberdine has returned. Blizzard has had problems with this boat in the past, to the point where they replaced the boat with a NPC that teleported you to the other continent. Here's what happens now. You are riding the boat and just in the instant that you should go to the load screen for Kalimdor, the boat disappears leaving you in the middle of the ocean to die.

So I wasted a lot of time swimming and going the long way to Darnassus on Wednesday night. I did manage to do a couple of quests in the Hinderlands but didn't have time to do an instance raid for loot. So I think tonight I'll raid Shadowfang Keep tonight since I'm in that neck of the woods already. Plus most of the targets in there are undead so I'll be able to sweep through pretty fast with my Paladin abilities. And it's a level 20ish instance, so Gnick will probably be able to use most of the stuff I find.

Well I have to test my contact page and move my new Pleco to the ice cream bucket for the ride home. His name is Charlie. I genereally have a rule against naming fish, I think it's like giving them a death sentence. But first of all he's a pleco and they are the exception to my rule and second he came with the name so there's not a lot I could do. My other pleco, in the 20 gallon tank, is named Montana.

Night all...