Mar 2005
Don't you just love it when you get a bunch of new stuff all at once? In some cases it can be bad though. For example, I've hardly touched Goldeneye: Rogue Agent for PS2 that I got for Christmas.

But in this case it is a good thing. The Mac Mini rocks. I can't believe how quiet it is. The hard drive I took out of my old G3 and stuck into an external enclosure is the loudest thing in the room. But the thing rocks. I really missed running a Mac at home.

Then I got a new toy at work. Well, it's actually just a replacement part but still very cool. We had an 8 port fiber media to 10baseT converter go bad about a month or more ago. So Monday the new 6 port fiber media to 100baseT converter came in. Okay so it isn't that exciting, but still fun to get new toys.

Then today, after the 6 hours without internet at work and 2 hours without power, I finally fired up RapidWeaver to write this and discovered they released version 3.1 with oodles of new features including the one I was waiting for... sub pages! So after some conversion here I am happily typing away and updating you good folks on my day. You'll also notice that the blog page is now archived by month, another new feature. The theme for my site isn't compatible with the new version though. So that's why all the colors and buttons changed.

In non-techie news, I'm in the market for a new aquarium. I think the female guppy is pregnant again. Plus one of the teachers here wants me to take her pleco home with me. But it's as big, maybe bigger than the one I have. I don't think I need two of them that size for my tank. So now I'm debating on whether I want to just steal my parents' 75 gallon tank or buy another 20 gallon tank. I'm leaning towards theft at the moment, but I don't know where I'd put it. It would have to go in the basement, but that would eventually be so inconvienient. Maybe I'll call my mom tonight and talk to her about it.

Now back to techie news. Last night I was all pumped up to play WoW. I was going to raid Gnomeregan for green items and gold to send to Gnick the Gnome. When I got home I did all my normal animal care routines and had dinner. Then I booted up WoW and was greeted with a patch, ugg. These can take forever to download, even on DSL. But it was a small patch and went quite fast. I got back to the login screen, plugged in my name and password....... authenticating........ and then nothing. Well not nothing, it failed. Tried again and it just sat there at authenticating... forever. So I quit WoW and fired up Internet Explorer to check the Realm Status page. Server error. Not a good sign. Apparently yesterday's patch cause some major issues with character naming. My realm, Malygos, was down until after 11pm last night. Blizzard is compensating us all with 2 free days to make up for the all the problems that have occurred since last week's patch. I'm not mad at Blizzard though, I know that these things happen and they so they're best. But I was so looking forward to playing last night. Oh well, I decided to read a book and have a couple cups of tea instead.

One final note for the day. Now that I have the Mac Mini at home and with the new version of RapidWeaver, I'll be upgrading the pictures section of the website soon. Right now I just have a select few of the pictures that I have in digital form. So check back in the next couple of weeks to see if I actually get around to doing it.
Ouch, Ooo, Ahh
So my trip to the dentist yesterday was interesting. I will say that it didn't feel like 90 minutes in the chair. They put my temporary crown on yesterday and aside from my gums being sore and a little bleeding when I brushed last night, everything seems okay. But it has been a little rough chewing because of the sore gums. That should make Easter interesting.

Speaking of Easter, apparently I will be hosting Easter this year despite my lack of table. That should prove interesting. I think no one else wanted to have to clean up. We're doing Easter on Friday though as that was when everyone was available. I suppose I should maybe vacuum and clean the bathroom. I've just been ignoring a growing amount of beard clippings for some time now.

In the hectic schedule of the week, I did manage to install and try 3 game demos. The Punisher was okay but not really something I'd buy as I'm not a big fan of 3rd person shooters. There was a bowling game I trying which I believe was called Rocket Bowling. That was actually really fun and I'm debating on shelling out the $20 for the full version.

Finally, Star Wars Republic Commando. Let me put it this way, if you like Rainbow Six, you will like Republic Commando. The idea is that you are leader of this 4 person squad. Well that's fine and good, but as with most co-op AI, your 3 team mates are completely braindead unless you direct them. I'm not a fan of this approach in a FPS. the game is nice because it lets you "resurrect" your teammates when the idiots die, but if you die the odds of the 3 morons actually surviving on their own long enough to resurrect you is very low. But they should have just made a regular FPS and then in the multiplayer added a co-op feature. And I had one Star Wars continuity complaint too. Since when have their been shotguns in the Star Wars universe? Haven't we moved on to blasters and such? Why am I shooting little lead projectiles at things?

So that has been my week at home. I've been doing updates at work, which is nice because it affords me some time to read while I wait for an update to complete. I've decided to try to continue reading "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket. In my opinion the books would receive a PG-13 based on movie ratings. They seem a little to violent to be children's books. But we'll see, I'm on book 4 now but we'll see how far I get.

Tonight promises to be good. I'll have to do some cleaning for Easter tomorrow. But aside from that I'm upgrading the RAM in my Gateway to 1GB and my Mac Mini came today. Don't you just love new toys?
Is winter over yet?
So I'm really ready for winter to be done. Sunday is the first day of spring, so of course we get 6-10 inches of snow today. I think we need some sort of adjustment to the calendar to fit our region. A seasonal version of Daylight Savings Time.

Just a quick update on my dentist trip... I need to start flossing (as usual) and the tooth I chipped gets to become a crown. So now I have to go back to the dentist next Wednesday to get the temporary put on and then again 2 weeks after that for them to install the permanent crown. Should be interesting.

The cats and dog survived the trip to the vet too. Although they are all supposedly dramatically overweight. In all fairness, Setesh really probably is overweight. But you can't tell me that Pika and Daimao are overweight. I mean at 11.5 pounds, Pika is large for a Pomeranian but both her parents were like 14 pounds. And Daimao isn't skinny but I wouldn't say she is fat. The vet suggested that I start schedule feeding them. It was all I could do to not fall over laughing. First of all, Daimao starts bugging me when the bowl hits about half full. I'd never hear the end of it if the bowl was gone or empty. Second, Piccolo is close to anorexic. There's no way she'd survive schedule feeding. With the exception of Setesh who is a bit overweight, they are all happy and healthy. So I say they are fine.

Bowling went well this past weekend despite my bad mood. Between my family that day and the fact that the hard drive in my G3 that contained all my documents died, I was in a piss poor mood Saturday night. But I've moved on. Most of what I had on the drive I either have a hard copy of or it might exist on an old back up somewhere. And I think some of the files I had I have duplicates of on my Quadra. In related news, my new Mac Mini is scheduled to ship next Wednesday.

It's been a week of meetings. Monday and Tuesday consisted of training at the district on the new version of Campus we are being moved to in June. Then I've had union meetings the past 2 nights. But it looks like I'm done with meetings now until sometime in April. I cannot stress enough my dislike for meetings. Although I do feel the ones I had this week were the some of the most productive ones I've ever attended.

So I'm thinking that I want something other than carpet in the dining room. I'm thinking that it would be nice to have hardwood floors. Unfortunately I can't currently afford real hardwood floors. So I'm thinking about spending a couple hundred dollars on laminate hardwood flooring. This weekend would be the perfect time to do it too. Plus it's on sale at Menard's. I have some issue to resolve though. I have to figure out how to tack down the edge of the carpet I keep in the living room and how to transition from the carpet to the laminate and from the laminate to the flooring in the kitchen. Plus the dining room side of my kitchen peninsula is carpeted (morons). So I'm thinking that would need some sort of paint. Maybe I'll pick up the flooring tonight and then if I need to paint the back of the stupid cabinet, I'll pick up some paint at Farm and Home. I'm thinking about just using a piece of molding for the transitions. Maybe I need a staple gun too. Happy

Well the week of meetings has cut into my game play time. I've finally posted pictures of Gnick the Gnome in the pictures section. I've also put up a picture of Frayer the Dwarf. Frayer is a hunter. As a first pet, I've chosen a wolf. Hunters can rename their pets and so I've decided to name Frayer's wolf after one of my parents' dogs, Woofie.

I picked up a demo of Star Wars Republic Commando the other day (it came with a magazine). So I'll have to try to get around to installing and playing that game for a bit. If my memory serves correctly I do believe that Gabe (of Penny-Arcade fame) thought very highly of this game. Or maybe it was Tycho. Either way, it was free and I'll try most things once if it's free. I'll let you know what I think when I get to it.

Well 3 hours and 4 inches of snow later and I've finished this entry. Should be a fun drive home.
Of course
So wouldn't you know it, the one time I actually try to get technical support for something I've purchased I can't.

It's been brought to my attention that the "Christmas 2004" link on the Pictures page wasn't linking to the correct file. Well in the program I'm using to generate pages for the site, it's easy to accidentally assign the page to the wrong iPhoto library. I've done it before, not a big deal to change. Or so I thought.

It appears that for some reason I can't permanently change that page back to the correct album. I managed to get it to switch once and exported the files, so it's currently correct. But after I quit and opened the file again, the incorrect album is associated with that page.

So no problem, I'll just check the forum section of and see if anyone else has noticed this problem. Much to my dismay the site is currently down while it's being moved to a new hosting company. Only I could have such bad timing. I must say though that they have produced a wonderful product and their site, when up, is very helpful and informative. I'm looking forward for purchasing the next version of Rapid Weaver and would recommend it to anyone from beginner to expert.

Tomorrow should be a fun change of pace for me. I get to go to the dentist. First time in like 3-5 years. What suddenly spurred me into a visit to the dentist you ask? Well last Thursday I somehow managed to chip off a piece of the top of my back, lower-left molar. It's nothing that is bothering me, although it is annoying now that I have discovered it. But I figure with how bad my teeth are to begin with I probably shouldn't leave it exposed for too long without sealant of some sort.

I've add some new pictures to the World of WarCraft page. I'm probably boring some of you to death with all this but I can't stress enough how good a game it is. So I'll keep this update short. Last night I started a new character, a Gnomish Mage. I named him Gnick (no pictures of him yet). But if you are completely bored by all this yet, feel free to check out the new pictures. My paladin, Hedana, would like to thank Ed's mage, Walyn, for the lovely wedding dress he made her. Happy

That's all for today. I'll try to check in later this week after my trip to the dentist and give the full update on that torturous experience.
Guppies Everywhere!
I think I'm going to have to "borrow" my parents' 75 gallon aquarium and setup at my house. When I went to feed the fish Saturday night I noticed the female looked a little different. Then I looked at the bottom of the tank. Guppy babies everywhere. I lost count at around 19 when I noticed another group behind the castle. Last night I lost count around 30 or so. I'm thinking my poor little 20 gallon tank will not be able to support these new guppies in addition to the 5 adults and dozen that were born last month. Not to mention by poor Neon Tetra. The only of his kind to survive to this point. But I'm sure my plecostomus is happy as a kid in a candy store.

The funny part of the guppy situation is that none of the guppies I purchased at Petsmart are still alive. And I specifically asked the guy at Petsmart about the whole breeding thing and he said they only carry females. Apparently one of them didn't get separated soon enough at the fish farm. I must say the males are much more colorful than the females. But you can judge for yourself by clicking here.

My paladin hit level 47 last night. I've got this goofy quest in Tanaris right now though. I'm supposed to find these "Gahz'ridian Ornaments" which is all find and dandy. Unfortuantely they appear as a little lump in the sand and are hard to see unless you get really close to them. Fortunately, the quest comes with a device you can put on your head to make them show up on the mini-map (like radar). Unfortunately the thing looks rediculous when you have it on. There really are no words for it. I'll have to post a picture.

I had a bit of a revelation last night as my paladin leveled in a golden whoosh of light. I've realized that she has more levels behind her than before her. My paladin is 13 short levels away from the level 60 cap. Yes just like baseball's salary cap, level 60 is as high as you can go. Then it's all about raids and gold collecting. Saving up for that epic mount. Helping the less fortunate lower levels to finish those pesky "instance" quests. And then finally retirement. Spending the day maxing out fishing and cooking skills. Learning how to make runecloth bandages. If I ever find the stupid recipes for something higher than Mageweave bandages...

As for real world exploits not involving fish, I had bowling this past weekend and did pretty well (149, 179 and 169). Not bad considering my average is about 145.

But I leave you now with but one last thing... Happy Birthday Kara!