May 2005
So I forgot that I'd been playing with the idea of a weekly archive and accidentally posted the website like that last week. Whoops.

Rocky began his first adventures with hard food today. So far so good, but I am a bit concerned that he may choke. I guess I mainly think that because none of the others chew their food. But the little trooper seems to be doing okay with it. He's had a busy weekend of chasing the dog around and fighting with Daimao and playing king of the recliner with Setesh. There are pictures up of some of the highlights from tonight. This week will be a trip to the vet for his first sets of shots and hopefully they'll volunteer to trim his claws again.

Then there's poor Pikachu. If it weren't bad enough being chased around the house by a little kitten, she has to go outside and risk getting lost in the grass. I haven't mowed yet this year and it's getting a little bit long. Well it's been raining for the past week so it's not like I've had a lot of opportunity. It didn't rain today and isn't supposed to rain tomorrow so I'm going to try to get the mower through it tomorrow night. I need to get it fairly short by this weekend as it would make it easier to find any dropped nails. That's right kids, we're starting work on my house this weekend, weather dependent. So maybe I'll see call Bernard's about bring the truck in later this week. It has a recall needs to be fix and I need the transmission looked at. I'm guessing they'll have to keep it a few days. That way it's out of the driveway for a while.

Also this weekend is the opening of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I'm taking a vacation day Friday to go see it. I'll post in the next update.

Meanwhile, in Azeroth... Well after spending a month or more at level 49, Hedana is now part way through level 52. I've decided that if I'm going to be at all effective in PvP I need to hit level 60. That became painfully clear last night as a level 60 priest cleaned the clocks of not only myself but 6 others a couple levels below me, all at once. It wasn't even close. Between draining my mana and casting fear spells on me, I couldn't lift a finger. So Hedana spent a couple of days in the Western Plague Lands killing undead and collecting scourge stones for the Argent Dawn. Now she's doing some questing in Un' Goro Crater. Really she only wanted some tar and soil for other quests but the quests in that area have been surprisingly easy and makes for some good XP. I'll eventually head back to the Plague Lands and finish some quests but that area takes a long time to go through because Hedana burns so much mana on spells against the undead that she has to drink all the time. In Un' Goro she maybe has to heal once per enemy and that regenerates by the time she needs to heal again.

Well anyway, off to Un' Goro to kill dinosaurs and tar monsters...
Alright already, I'll add an entry
I've got a couple new Rocky pictures up for those of you who have been begging, or rather demanding them.

There are only 2 this week though, but they are good. It's Rocky and Daimao "playing". I wish I would have got a picture of Rocky and Daimao playing the other day. Daimao has taken it upon herself to keep the little bugger in line. So the other day she'd apparently had enough and had him pinned on his back. But she was holding him down by draping a leg over his head. He just kept kicking and scratching at her. When he finally stopped fighting she let him up and he scampered off. It was cute to watch.

Other than that not much else is new. I've been doing my best to avoid mowing my yard. In the pictures section there are pictures of the fence the doughhead behind me put up. I swear they should require you get a license to do "do-it-yourself" projects. You should need to demonstrate some hint of common sense. Instead of taking the time to call the phone company to see where he could put the corner post, he cut the corner. Look at the pictures and you'll see what I mean. All I can say is what a doughhead.

Also in the pictures section are a couple new WoW screenshots. One is of a giant that Walyn helped me kill. I've been meaning to finish that series quest for about a month now. The other shot would best be captioned (and will be captioned) "She turned me into a newt." Stupid polymorph spells. Yup Hedana as a frog. It's from a group Ed and I did last night in Zul'Farrak. Wasn't a bad trip. Made enough money off it to pay Ed back the 5 gold I borrowed to respec and still had about 7 gold left over . Plus Hedana finally managed to make it over the level 50 hump. Yup and after last night's trip to ZF I'm almost to 51. One of these nights I'll have to log into each character that I have and add up all the time played totals. That should be a scary number.

That's all for tonight. I'll try to get some more pictures of Rocky for this weekend. Maybe a video of him going nuts with a jingle ball in the morning. Oh and Rocky has moved on to soft food. Hopefully hard food comes soon cause I hate the smell of canned cat food...
May Day, May Day, May day
Sorry I just had to say it. Ah the first day of May. A time for new beginnings. Time to put those cold winter months behind and focus on the spring and coming summer. Just look out the window and you can see the beautiful snow falling. Wait a minute. Snow? How can it snow on May Day? That seems thoroughly un-American. I'd like to know just what exactly President Bush is doing to combat this horrible, white, flaky menace. Earlier this week I was wondering when I should do the first mowing of the lawn, now I'm wondering if I put the shovel away prematurely.

I now I promised new Rocky pictures earlier this week, but they didn't happen. Deal with it. More on Rocky later.

First a quick update on WoW. I've started another new character. Chloie is a human warrior. I had no idea warriors kicked so much butt. At least they do in the first 10 levels. I could take on 2-3 enemies at my level and could easily kill ones 2-3 levels above. Can't wait until dual wield at level 20. I've mostly been playing as Gnick lately though, well Gnick and Hedana. Walyn escorted Gnick through the Dead Mines the other day and Hedana escorted Alexzander through part of the Dead Mines. Hedana is about half way through level 49 still. I haven't had her doing many quests for XP lately. Mostly she's been doing dungeon raids to gather items for her lower level siblings.

Last night was a bit different though. Blizzard, creators of WoW, recently introduced the honor system patch. Basically it is a way of keeping track of Player VS Player kills. I'm not going to go into detail here but the short of it is that you are awarded kills when you participate in PVP. The more kills you get the higher your rank becomes depending on the ranks of others. Last night we spent about 4 hours raiding Crossroads in the Barrens. We had about 30+ people just on our side. I racked up 208 kills last night alone. Those are all me alone mind you. As long as you are in the raid party and participating (ie, within a certain distance of the killing) you gain kills. And since I'm a lower level (yes, 49 was low compared to who we were killing and others in my group) more kills count for me. But it would be nice to get up to level 60 so I don't have to worry as much about getting my butt kicked by some ?? level character. We did have some delusions of greatness though. Twice we got the stupid idea that we could storm Ogrimmar, the Orc capitol. Twice, we were severely mistaken. I have some screenshots up from our raid in the WoW pictures pages. Overall it was very fun and a nice break from questing and looting.

Saturday was also the last night of bowling. Bowling, yet another sport I suck at. I don't know why I haven't been doing well the last few weeks. But it was fun anyway. Bailey, the other guy on our team, and Kara are engaged. Congratulations to them..... Suckers, been there, done that, not impressed. No I'm kidding, I wish them all the best. Other than that bit of news it was a pretty straight forward evening, a few games of bowling and then a little buffet dinner and then we're done.

Okay ready to hear about Rocky? Well it's been a big week for Rocky. Earlier this week he learned how to drink his formula out of a bowl. So no more bottle feeding for the little psychopath. His eyes are doing much better and we are nearing the end of his medication period. On top of that he's had a big week of interaction with the other cats. They have all stopped hissing at him and will even let him come up to them, sort of. Daimao is taking the most interest in him. They've been playing often these past few days. I'm hoping this will help with his social skills. I've posted some new photos of him playing in the living room. He's become fond of some of Pika's toys. And since I didn't get photos up earlier this week, I have a bonus for those of you with either high speed internet or some patience. On the left you will now see there is a "Movies" page. You will find some short, soundless movies that I took of Rocky with my digital camera. They are designed to use the QuickTime media plugin but if not, should be viewable in Windows Media Player. I included the file size in parentheses, the bigger the file the longer to download. Enjoy.

Well to round things out for the week, I'd like to give you some movie reviews. I watched a couple this week. First up is "A Series of Unfortunate Events". Either read the books or see the movie. Don't do both. You'll be disappointed by the movie. They are trying to cram 3 books worth of stuff into 1 movie and it doesn't work. The movie was entertaining enough and Jim Carrey does a surprisingly good job as Count Olaf but a lot of "artistic license" is taken with the plot to merge the 3 books into one movie. Maybe it's just me, but I'm under the impression that if the author had wanted the plot to go that way then it would have been written that way. But if you consider the movie on its own, it's not bad. The cast is very well put together. I especially liked the casting of Billy Connolly as Uncle Monty and Jude Law as the narrator (Lemony Snicket).

Next up is Blade Trinity. Wow, talk about throwing things together. Again the movie was entertaining but it lacked the darker feel from the first movie. As I said the movie overall felt a bit thrown together. Like they had all these great ideas and could decide which to use, so they used all of them and it became a mess. The character Ryan Reynolds plays is very funny. Unfortunately I didn't watch Blade Trinity expecting a comedy, but it's what I got. As far as casting goes I'm sure you'd expect me to applaud whoever signed Jennifer Biel to do the movie. She has grown up quite nicely since "7th Heaven" and is, in my opinion, the best eye-candy in the Blade series. But I was pleasantly surprised at the casting of Natasha Lyonne as a blind, bit-part character. For those who don't recognize the name, her filmography includes movies such as "Slums of Beverly Hills", "American Pie", "American Pie 2", "But I'm a Cheerleader" and "The Devil's Rejects" (an upcoming film from Rob Zombie).

Well that's it for now sports fans. Now it's time to go find my snow shoes....