An Update on Animals
Ah so much animal related news.

Okay so not really. Everyone is doing well despite Rocky's repeated attempts to kill them all.

Pika is actually still recovering from her traumatic trip to Ed's brother's place this past weekend. It was Bill's annual (16th annual to be exact) crappie tournament. Pika and I went up Friday night to visit Ed and Des and lend a hand on Saturday. Well, it was a mistake to try to make Pika sleep in her box in the garage with the two other dogs. She barked for two straight hours until I went out and sat with her. So she currently still has a bit of a soar throat. Next time she'll either have to stay home or have a place to sleep by me.

As I said, Rocky is doing well. He's getting quite large and occasionally he'll enter "snuggle mode". There are a couple of new photos of him on his page including one of him and his favorite toy.

Piccolo, Daimao and Setesh are all doing well too. Although I've started regulating their daily food intake as Setesh is up to 17 pounds. Also Piccolo seems to have undergone some sort of transformation as she now appears to have some weird need to be on my lap anytime I sit down. I think she's looking for a safe spot away from Rocky. Heather thinks she's jealous of her. How vain. Happy
Rocky news
Ah, Rocky. Yes, Rocky. I've started calling him Satan for short. I know what you are thinking, "Satan isn't any shorter than Rocky." Well you are right there. But it is shorter than "hellspawn" which is another of his names. As you may have guessed by this point, Rocky is becoming quite the handful. He can coat the bathroom in kitty litter in the blink of an eye. Some of you may think I'm exaggerating but believe me, I'm not. In less than 3 minutes this morning he had litter everywhere. The floor, the toilet seat cover, the counter, the sink, everywhere.

He's also decided to declare war on my clock/radio in the bathroom. He completely chewed the wire antenna off, it's just a little stub now. Then Saturday he tried to finish it off by pushing it into the sink.

Now some of you would probably say that he just has too much energy and needs to be released from the bathroom so he can run around during the day. To those people I would say simply, I know. But Rocky is in the bathroom during the day for his own safety. And no I'm not worried that the other cats would hurt him. I'm worried that I'd come home and have to hurt him. I came to this conclusion this weekend when he began to climb the cloth covers of my stereo speakers. It was in that moment that I decided that Rocky's daily imprisonment is for his own good. So until the claws are removed, Rocky shall remain in the bathroom during the day. It's going to be tough sharing the bathroom with him until August but we'll manage.

I've posted a bunch of new Rocky pictures as well as some movie clips. Most of the pictures and movies involve Rocky attacking Daimao, but then again that's pretty much all he does when he isn't biting or clawing me.
Thank goodness
So the move to the Mac Mini finally happened. Let me tell you something, the moving of an iPhoto library and RapidWeaver doesn't work well. So for the moment a bunch of my picture pages are down. But the fish and kitten pages remained intact and let's face it that's why you're here.

So the thank goodness title refers to a new talent the kitten learned Saturday. We finally found a bottle and nipple from which he'll nurse. And holy crap what a little glutton. Feeding now takes about 10 minutes instead of 30. And I think he can out burp me.

He's getting more mobile too. Friday night I had to put the flaps up on the box because he learned to escape from the box. I added some pictures of the little guy wandering around on the floor in the computer room. He's getting to be a good little runner too.

The fish page also has some new pictures, including the missing Charlie pictures. I think I've managed to work out the problems with the chemicals in the 29 gallon aquarium. I lost one guppy in the process though. I think the ammonia level was too high for some reason. But everyone seems to be doing fine in there now.

I've finished moving my pictures to the Mac Mini too. As I said though the move screwed up some of my pages. So eventually I have a TON of photos to add to the site. No I mean it. There are a TON. Right now there are 1353 pictures in my iPhoto library.

For those of you who own Macs and are running OS 10.3 or higher, I highly recommend the program called "Delicious Library" from Delicious Monster. It's a program that keeps track of your movies, CDs, games, and books. When you add an item it searches and adds in the all the information (release year, author, summary, etc...) automatically.

Well, the kitten is sleeping now so I'm going to get some gaming in while it's quiet. I'll try to start recreating picture pages this week. I'll also have to try to remember to add some Mac Mini pictures too.
People make me sick
Okay some of you have probably heard the kitten story, but for those who haven't here it is:

This little guy was discovered in a plastic bag inside of a paper bag by the garbage can behind Mike and Amy's house in North Minneapolis. So I volunteered to take care of him.

He seems to be doing well but has been reluctant to eat despite being very hungry (he was try to nurse from Pika who was more than willing but unable). But after a trip to the vet we are now eating a bit better. He seems to be okay with formula from a little syringe (like what you get wormer in). We're guessing he's probably about 2-3 weeks old, but as I said seems to be in good shape all things considered. The girl at the vet thinks he'll do just fine.

That was the story as of Sunday night. I took Monday off to feed and take care of the little bugger and he seems to be doing quite well. He's been eating much better now that he (and I) have the hang of the syringe. I'm a bit worried about leaving him alone for so long today, but I'm leaving work at 2 to go home and check on him. Tomorrow my aunt has volunteered to stop and check on him since she doesn't work. We'll have to see what Thursday and Friday bring.

Yesterday was an interesting experience for me. I must say that after yesterday I don't think I'll have any problem changing baby diapers. You would not believe the crap that came out of that kitten yesterday. And the stuff will not come out of fur.

But he seems much stronger already. You should see him walking around the bathroom rug. There's a general consensus that it is a boy. So his name is most likely going to be Rocky because he's a little fighter.

Check back later for updates and hopefully some more pictures and maybe video.