Oct 2005
This would have been posted last night but it seems every time I try decide to do a post, it rains. Oh well, if it did anything tonight it would be snow not rain.

It's been a big week so far. Sunday was a great day in the world of football as the Vikings were crushed by the Falcons. I know that we Packer fans don't really have the right to say anything about it this year, but that game was so atrocious that it was beautiful.

In other sports news, tonight is opening night for the NHL, very exciting. I'm trying to listen to the Wild game that's on in the other room and type at the same time. I must say it doesn't work well so I'm going to hurry this up a bit.

Heather had a couple of "firsts" this past weekend. On Saturday she petted her first cow. Now for those of you in disbelief, there are pictures up to prove it. From the sound of it, things went pretty well. I was hanging sheetrock at the time, so my mother was in charge of the digital camera. She did fairly well with the camera considering her lack of technical aptitude. Then later that evening she saw her first gun, sort of. We met up with my cousin Angie and her boyfriend Travis. They wanted to go to Dick's Sporting Goods to look for guns. Heather and I didn't actually go over by the gun cases as we were busy browsing the camping section. Then we went down to the golf section where they have drivers that cost more than my set of clubs did. So that was Heather's experience filled weekend. Don't forget to check out the photos.

Speaking of the photo section, there are a couple of miscellaneous pictures in there that might need some explanation. The pictures of the laminate flooring for instance. There's a bit of a story behind those pictures. I picked up a box of the laminate flooring that Sam's Club sells. I was debating on whether I should replace my upstairs carpet with that stuff or with actual hardwood floors and figured I would buy one box and torture test it. So far it's doing pretty well considering it's in a high moisture and traffic area. But i think the hardwood floors may end up winning in the long run. The Sam's Club laminate would run about $1100 or so depending on waste and the fact that I just did a rough estimate of how much area I have to cover. Actual hardwood probably at least $5000 but would last forever and add a lot more value to the house. I should note that this debate began because Setesh had decided to start peeing on a certain spot on the carpet. As I don't think she's doing it anymore, this project will probably get shifted to a back burner for a year or two.

The other photo that probably seems out of place is of my Cardboard Tube Samurai print. I know I've linked their site a few times now, but the CTS is a product of Penny Arcade. The CTS is one of Gabe's alter-egos and one of my favorite recurring characters. They only made 750 of these prints and of those only 500 were available to buy via ThinkGeek. They went on sale one night at 11pm (central) and were sold out within 30 minutes. I have 705 of 750. I finally found a frame for it about a week ago at Michael's. Try to ignore the reflection of my desk and stuff in the photo. Really the photo doesn't do it justice.

The last photo in there is a screenshot I took just outside Stormwind Castle (WoW). Apparently a guild must have recently kill Onyxia the dragon. When this amazing feat happens, her head is put on display here for a few hours. It was the first time I'd seen it, so I took a picture. It would be cool to see during the day, but I'm guessing that considering most WoW players are in school or at work ten, that it probably doesn't happen very often during the day.

The last set of pictures should need no introduction at this point. They are of Rocky. He's getting to be quite the little kitty. I dare say he's growing into a fine young cat. That's of course when he isn't trying to bite you. Yes, he's a little biter. But only after a bit. Usually you can pet him for a good 5-10 minutes before he goes satanic on you. He seems to have a hit and miss pattern of wanting to be cuddly when the alarm goes off at 5:30 a.m. and sometimes before then. Anyway, I figured that the millions and millions of the Rocky's fans would like some new photos of him (raise your hands if you caught the WWE reference there, minus 10 points if you missed it).

A while back I'd made some comments on how kids today are pansies. I had no idea at the time how true this was. Keeping that in mind I have seen the future and the end of mankind. As I'm sure you are curious, I'll tell you what I saw. Within the next 3 generations the human race will become extinct. Yes folks and it won't be caused by nuclear weapons or biological weapons or even Desperate Housewives reruns. This shall be the fall of the human race. Okay, so maybe Mr. Peanuts won't be the direct cause, but apparently his nutty brethren will be. In all seriousness, how can you be so allergic to peanuts that to be in the same room with them makes you ill? I know a couple people that I get nauseous when they are around, but I have yet to meet the peanut that can kick my butt from 30 feet away. To some this may sound ridiculous, feel free to ask me about it. The rest of you should already be in the know as to what I'm talking about.

Speaking of ridiculous, have you been paying any attention to the debate on whether or not Intelligent Design (aka the Copout Theory) should be taught alongside evolution is public schools? The Star Tribune did a few articles on this last Sunday. I'm afraid I have to agree with Bobby Henderson, prophet of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It's a well thought out and entertaining take on the situation. Plus who doesn't love pirates?

Well until next time, just ask yourself... WWFSMD?