May 2006
A work in progress
Hey look, only 8 months later and I'm finally posting an update.

Wow so mych has happened since then I hardly know where to begin. Well how about a comment on he change to the site. Shortly after the last post Rapid Weaver, the software I use to create the site, had a major upgrade. This upgrade marked a significant change in how the site's files are organized. This of course meant that I had to pick a new color scheme and layout as the old one was incompatible with the new version. So I decided to undertake the process of reorganizing and updating the photos section.

Obviously, that shouldn't have taken this long and to be honest it still isn't completely done. I've just been slacking. Well that's not true. I've been doing a lot of stuff, just none of it involved updating this site. But I'm going to try to change that habit and get back into the habit of making at least weekly updates.

So... one of the new features of the new version of Rapid Weaver is categories. You should notice that you can now choose to read entries based on catagory. This doesn't completely work for the way I write, as I tend to like transitions and segways, but I'll do my best. For now you have 3 catagories, Animals which will include all things related to my animals and other animals with which I have contact, General which will be more miscellaneous than anything else and Video Games which will include but is not limited to WoW updates and my reviews of games I play.

Oh and one more note. I've also switched the format up so that the newest post is on the bottom. so you don't have to go to the bottom of the page to read the newest post, although i had to trick the software to do it. so ignore the dates and times.

Life in general
Life in general is good.

Oh you want more? Ok. well let's see...

Heather and I are doing well. We're actually coming up on our one year anniversary at the end of June. We're thinking that we are going to celebrate by using the gift certificates that my parents gave us for Christmas. They were certificates for the Minnesota Zephyr in Stillwater, MN. Here's the website I've been on the Zephyr before when i was little. I guess it's a 3.5 hour train ride. It should be fun.

Let's see just after the last post in October, we had a Halloween party with Heather's friends from college (hereafter referred to as "the Katie's"). Heather and I went as cowboys. Next year I'm going to plan ahead and get my CTS costume ready in time for the party.

We (Heather, Pika and I) spent Thanksgiving with her mom and step-dad. They live in Sioux City, Iowa. Don't feel bad if you don't know where it is, I didn't know either. We had a great time though, despite the long and very boring drive along I90. They have 2 dogs who feel in love with me, as all dogs do. We also ended up seeing "Walk the Line" that weekend. Terrific movie. If you haven't seen it yet, stop reading now and go rent or buy it, watch it and then come back and continue reading. No seriously. I'll wait.

Back? Okay then.

In the world of construction and house progress it's been an interesting spring. Harold messed up his left elbow a few months ago and hasn't been able to do much in the way of lifting and such. As a result I got to help out a bit on the farm. I think that my willingness to help on the farm shocked my mom. Now it's not that I would choose to shovel cow crap around all the time but there are times when it has to be done. Actually I don't think the farm would be a bad place to live. Heather would die there though. She thinks New Richmond is rural (which it is to a degree).

Right now Heather and I are trying to plan a camping trip this summer. She found a state park in WI that looks cool. You have to take a ferry to get to it. I think we'll have to leave Pika with my parents though as the park isn't very dog friendly. We've looking at buying a new tent as well. Well I would like popup camper but I don't think that's an affordable option at the moment. Last year we used Heather's tent which pretty much has just enough room for my queen size mattress and nothing else. I'm looking at a couple of the Coleman tents right now. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to email me via the contact link at the bottom of the page.
An Update on Animals
Ah so much animal related news.

Okay so not really. Everyone is doing well despite Rocky's repeated attempts to kill them all.

Pika is actually still recovering from her traumatic trip to Ed's brother's place this past weekend. It was Bill's annual (16th annual to be exact) crappie tournament. Pika and I went up Friday night to visit Ed and Des and lend a hand on Saturday. Well, it was a mistake to try to make Pika sleep in her box in the garage with the two other dogs. She barked for two straight hours until I went out and sat with her. So she currently still has a bit of a soar throat. Next time she'll either have to stay home or have a place to sleep by me.

As I said, Rocky is doing well. He's getting quite large and occasionally he'll enter "snuggle mode". There are a couple of new photos of him on his page including one of him and his favorite toy.

Piccolo, Daimao and Setesh are all doing well too. Although I've started regulating their daily food intake as Setesh is up to 17 pounds. Also Piccolo seems to have undergone some sort of transformation as she now appears to have some weird need to be on my lap anytime I sit down. I think she's looking for a safe spot away from Rocky. Heather thinks she's jealous of her. How vain. Happy
Games Games Games
Ah where to begin.....

Well how about with WoW. Hedana of course has been at level 60 for quite some time now. I recently switched her professions though. She is now working her way up the levels with her Herbalism and Alchemy skills. I'm still working on getting her into a guild that does some scheduled raiding. Although I'd settle for a guild that does some regular trips through Stratholme and Scholomance or even BRD so I can finish my MC attunement and the quests I have there.

Gnick in the mean time has made some serious progress. For those who don't remember, Gnick is my Gnomish mage. He's up to level 38 now. I'm currently torn between my desire to get his mount so I don't have to run everywhere and the idea of keeping him under level 40 for a while and grind away on battlegrounds to get him up to sergeant. I suppose I could keep him at level 38 for a while, at least until Hedana can make him some money for his mount. You have to love older siblings.

I'll just highlight some other games I've played recently. God of War for the PS2 rocks. That's all that needs to be said. Go buy it.

There are some pictures of my new PC in the Misc picture page. It's a dual core AMD. I wanted to upgrade the video card. This also required upgrading the power supply. So there are some before and after shots of the interior. I was thinking about adding another exhaust fan too, but so far it's been running fairly cool so I don't think I need to.

I've got a couple of demos that I need to try too, so i'll let you know how that goes.

Finally, since it's E3 week I thought I'd chime in on the next generation consoles. Personally I'm cheering for the PS3 for a few reasons.

First, I have a PS2 so the backwards compatibility appeals to me.

Second, the Xbox 360 is retarded. Limited backwards compatibility, no built in high definition DVD player and a reliance on Live titles. Don't get me wrong, I think the system will do ok. But I think they've backed the wrong horse in the HD-DVD vs Blueray battle and they will eventually have to concede and release an external Blueray player.

Third, the Nintendo Wii. All the jokes have been done about the name. It's great that they got a lot of press over the name, but I don't think making your system the butt of jokes before it's even released is a good plan. Sure the console itself looks interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about the new remote controller. To be honest I'll have to try it before I pass judgement on it. Honestly the biggest issue I've had with Nintendo over the years is backward compatibility (or rather the complete lack thereof) and the poor game selection.

To be honest I've become much more of a PC gamer over the years and play consoles less and less. The exception is my Gameboy Advance SP. You need something to do while you are on a flight from Auberdine to Theramore. Happy