Oct 2006
Let the Closed Beta Begin
The Closed Beta of the Burning Crusade has begun and is awesome. I've poster a bunch (about 100) screenshots in the pictures section. I decided to start a new page for Burning Crusade Screen shots.

I'll post more later and give a better account of my impressions of the game so far later.

I've also been try to climb the PvP ladder in WoW. I've been managing to gain a rank a week and I should hit Sergaent Major on Tuesday. My new Ice Barb Spear is very helpful towards that end, as is the AV battleground weekend. Noting like picking up 20,000 honor from 1 AV. I actually managed to finish 9th on the Alliance side the other night. Defense really is the way to go for HKs and honor. I had 15 killing blows. Not bad for a Paladin.