Feb 2005
Really Quick
Okay a really quick update because I have to get out of here and meet my parents for fish fry.

WoW is going well but slow. You wouldn't believe how many things you have to kill in order to rack up 120,000 XP points. I've finally hit level 45. Ed, of course, is already at level 50. But I have a bit of a surprise for him next time we play. I finally was able to get Seal of Command, which potentially adds 2-3 times damage to my attacks. One word... Sweet!

I'm blaming my slow level building on real world obstacles to my game play. Repeat after me, meetings suck.

Although I have taken some time out for some other new, older games. Picked up 3 recently, all FPS games. Halo, Armed and Dangerous, and Painkiller. Of the 3, Painkiller is definately the best. It's a cross between DOOM and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Nothing like a gun that shots wooden stakes.

Also of note, I have some pet news. Unfortunately one of my female guppies has gone to that great toilet bowl in the sky, or at least the one in the bathroom. But between her and the other one, I currently have 12 guppy babies. Well I counted 10 this morning but I usually count between 8 and 12. They like hiding in the castle and pineapple under the sea.

That's all for now. Oh but I will suggest if you are bored and not easily offended, check out Penny Arcade. Nothing like gaming geeks with a comic strip. But like I said, the content is definately meant for mature readers (no porn, but they don't bother to pardon their french).
Ah Tuesday
So the washer exchange went smoothly this weekend. Except now I have to learn what all the new buttons and settings mean.

I picked up the new Ani DiFranco CD, Knuckle Down, this weekend. Overall it's a really good disc. I'd have to say that track 6, "Seeing Eye Dog", is my favorite track off it and track 8, "Parameters", is my least favorite track. But track 8 isn't really a song per-say, so that could be what is putting me off about it.

I also picked up "The Grudge" but I haven't had a chance to watch it. Been busy watching Season 1 of "Carnivale" on DVD via my Netflix subscription. For those who don't know, "Carnivale" is an HBO original series based in the dust bowl of the 1930s. But it has quite a bit of religious/supernatural overtones. I think it's a really well done show but then again, I'll watch practically anything with Clea DuVall in it.

Not a lot of WoW time lately. I hit level 41 and I'm in a bit of a rut. Currently most of my quests are level 41 "Elite" or higher quests. Basically I'd have no chance of finishing them on my own and I'm not fond of finding groups. But I may have to find a group to finish a couple of them tonight. We'll see. I need to find some quests that want me to kill humanoids instead of beasts. I'm tired of not getting money for the things I kill. I don't care if I can sell a basilisk tail to a merchant. I still have to carry it around and then find a vendor to sell it to. Maybe I'll do some fishing tonight too. We'll see.
So much to report
It's been an event filled couple of weeks. Well at least the last few days. I spent a large part of the last week in a training session of some sort. Now keep in mind I hate meetings. It's been fun.

On top of that, Sunday night the washing machine died half way through a load of whites. Thankfully after I managed to get the thing to drain, so it should be easier to drag it out of the house this weekend.

On the bright side, my laptop at work finally came back from Apple last Thursday and I almost have everything reinstalled. It was $400 less than what they quoted. Only $600 to replace the display. Plus I got my new laptop stand in the mail yesterday. I bought an iBreeze. It's a stand with 2 built-in, USB powered fans. Not bad for the price.

Also, this weekend I've done some serious WoW questing. I'd fallen behind Ed in level by quite a bit (I think at one point I was 5 levels behind). But after some serious beast killing I've started catching up. I've almost finished with level 39, which would put me 2 levels below Ed. More importantly, when I hit level 40 I get my Paladin Warhorse. And almost more importantly than that I can train to use Plate armor, not that I can afford any yet. I splurged a bit last night and bought a new axe. Unfortunately I hadn't ever used a 2 handed axe before, so I spent about 30 minutes swinging and missing. I think I still have about 5 skill points left before I max my 2 handed axe mastery for level 39, but my cap will bump another 5 when I hit level 40. Confused yet?

I added some new pictures to the World of WarCraft picture page including pictures of my new Night Elf Druid, Sharis.