Jan 2005
WoW Pictures
Okay so I've now started a section in my Pictures pages devoted to screenshots from World of WarCraft. There are pictures of my characters as well as some of the scenery to be found in the game.

As far as game play goes, Hedana has decided that a change of scenery was in order. So we've packed up our troubles and switched continents for a while. We've sailed west to Kalimdor to hang out with the Night Elves. We'll see how long that lasts. There's only so many times you can hear a Night Elf NPC say "What is nature's call?" before the funny dies out.
Now for some WoW news. It was quite the weekend for WoW. Friday and Saturday I didn't play at all. Then Sunday I started yet another new character, Mortir. He's an undead warlock. I didn't put in a lot of time on him yet, he's only up to level 8. But he already knows tailoring, enchanting and first aid. But we'll see how it goes. I've never done terribly well with ranged attack characters (mages, preists, warlocks), I've always had more of a "Hulk Smash" attitude towards characters. Speaking of which, Monday I dedicated my online time to my Paladin, Hedana. She's up to level 35 now. 5 more levels before she gets her horse. I can't wait. I'm so sick of running everywhere. She's up to a purse of 20 Gold too, so I may invest in some 14 slot containers for her or maybe a new mace. We'll have to see what jumps out at her when we go shopping at the Auction House in Ironforge.
Ah winter
Oh yes it's been fun already today. I'm currently wearing my cologne of the day. It's called "Unleaded 87." That's right kids. I forgot this morning that an eighth of a tank equals empty in winter. But thankfully I managed to be off the freeway and just a brisk jog from a gas station. This comes after Friday's wonderful "no start" incident. But the car is quite the trooper. Sunday it filled in for the truck and hauled 16 stair treads and backs from Baldwin to New Richmond. Quite an impressive showing by the shocks.

Oh and then last night my newer DTV receiver shorted. So I get picture but no sound. And of course it's not under warrantee anymore, so I may just scrap it and buy a new receiver with TIVO. We'll see, I may still call DTV tonight and see what they say.
Okay now for my quick tale of lack of life. So last night I got home and there was a message from Dan on my phone with a good news/bad news deal. Good news is he found a job, which really is good news since his previous employer didn't really give him any notice that he was going to retire and close the business. So I am happy for him. Bad news is that it's second shift. So he won't be able to play darts anymore. So I'm without a partner for my Wednesday night dart league. He said that Twin States was going to try to find a partner for me but I'm not sure about it. I've been playing like crap lately anyway so I might just drop out. We'll see.
So I just noticed that there isn't a feature in this program to archive old blog entries. And it also won't let me drag them off this page onto another page. So I may have to do it manually. I shutter to think.

So a very quick update on WoW since it's been pointed out that I'm a little obsessed with the game. It finally happened, Ed has passed me in level. I'm sure it won't last long as I am about to have less of a life than normal (more on that in a minute). Anyway found this horrid new feature in the game where you type "/played" at the chat line and it will tell you how long you've been playing the game, that is how many hours you've actually been sitting starting at the screen playing. I'm at about 6 days 6 hours. That's 150 hours. Almost 4 work weeks of 8 day shifts. But I don't think I'm obsessed.
WoW update & other nonsense
I'm still a bit confused about the level 20 Paladin quest. I just finished it last night and got my shiny new 24.5 DPS maul. But I must say there would be no way for a level 20 to finish that quest on their own. I mean I'm a level 28 now and probably could have done it completely alone if I had to, but there's no way a level 20 could. Just getting to Silverpine Forest would be tough for a level 20.

But on I trudge. Not tonight though as I have dart league.

In other news, I'm contemplating building myself a new computer. I was just thinking of buying one, but the only company that prebuilds with AMD chips that I'd even consider buying from is Alienware. But I did some rough calculations and I can build a machine for about $600 less than an Alienware machine and I get more control over what goes into it.
Happy New Year
So another holiday season has come and gone. What does that mean? Well for me it means watching full seasons of Buffy on DVD, playing more WoW, food and playing more WoW.

I'm just thankful the holiday goblin vendors have left Stormwind and Ironforge. Now if Blizzard would create a patch to fix the lag spikes that keep crashing my game AND computer, I'd be thrilled.

Maybe it's time for a new AMD FX-55 based PC. They're hard to find though as Gateway and Dell no longer carry AMD. Looks like my choices are HP or Alienware. I'm guessing Alienware will win.