So I just noticed that there isn't a feature in this program to archive old blog entries. And it also won't let me drag them off this page onto another page. So I may have to do it manually. I shutter to think.

So a very quick update on WoW since it's been pointed out that I'm a little obsessed with the game. It finally happened, Ed has passed me in level. I'm sure it won't last long as I am about to have less of a life than normal (more on that in a minute). Anyway found this horrid new feature in the game where you type "/played" at the chat line and it will tell you how long you've been playing the game, that is how many hours you've actually been sitting starting at the screen playing. I'm at about 6 days 6 hours. That's 150 hours. Almost 4 work weeks of 8 day shifts. But I don't think I'm obsessed.