My Favorite Links

Computer Links

Apple Computer Home Page Makers of the greatest computers on the planet.
Blizzard Software Makers of WarCraft, StarCraft, and Diablo. Great place to find free/cheap/trial software.
Info-Mac HyperArchive Root @ MIT Archive of a wide variety of Mac software.
TUCOWS Another site with free/cheap/trial software. Find updates for your hardware and software.
Go Daddy Software Register your own web domain.
Activision Makers of Wolfenstein and STV: Elite Force.
TechTales Funny Tech Support calls.



Music Links

93X (93.7 FM) Rock. The Half-Assed Morning Show with Weasel, Josh and Nick.
KDWB (101.3 FM) Top 40 style music.
Turdy Point The Turty Point Buck. If you don't get it, move to Wisconsin.
Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie They're a really funny comedy group from Canada.



TV & Movie Links

Apple QuickTime Trailers Movie Trailers in the best format on the web, QuickTime.
Internet Movie Database Information on vitually every movie ever made.
NetFlix DVD rentals delivered via USPS. For those who pay too much attention to the movie.
Upcoming DVD Releases See if your favorite movie is coming out on DVD.
Freddy vs Jason Come on you schould know what this is.
Dragonball Z The best Japanese Anime ever


New Richmond Links

City of New Richmond General info about the city of New Richmond.
The New Richmond News New Richmond's weekly paper.
Weather Forecast forecast for New Richmond
WITC Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College