Dec 2004
Okay, so I started a new character last night. A human rogue named Anadeh. So far, so good. I'm up to level 7 or 8 and just need to finish a couple more little things before I'm finished with the Elwyn Forest quests. Although there is a Rogue quest in Goldshire that I can't access yet, so we'll see.

The skinning and leatherworking is going well. Although I've been having problems finding wolf and boar meat to further my cooking skills.

The level 20 paladin quest was also fixed in yesterday's patch. So now I can continue with the quest. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be soloing this part of the game as the first stop is the Dead Mines. A group of 5 of us got our butts kicked in there in the past. But I just need to make it to the Goblin Shredder. I figure maybe I'll just tag onto a VanCleef group and finish that quest while I'm at it.

Glad I have a few days off to play. Happy
Okay so many, many days later (and when I say days later I mean that's how many hours I've spent collectively playing), I've now got a level 23 Paladin. Hopefully today they will fix the level 20 Paladin quest so that I can finish it and get my new 2 handed mace.

So far I've managed to convince Ed to join the online frenzy. Now the difficult challenge, convincing Mike. I've even started recruiting for my guild. Got Ransport to join last night.

I'm thinking about starting another character though. Just a secondary character to play every once in a while. Basically I want to be able to use that character for its 2 professions. I think Blizzard should let you have 3 professions. Maybe a Rogue or Druid with Skinning and Leatherworking.

We'll see...