Week old
That would be what the last entry is. I wrote it a week ago and never got around to posting it, so go ahead and skip down to it before you read this one. I know, I know. I am a slacker.

Did you go read the other entry? Good. Now on to events that have occurred since then.

First, Ed and Des visited last weekend. It was a very nice, but short visit. As one might expect the three f us ended up playing a bit of WoW since we were all in the same room. Including starting some new characters together. Although I think I may have gotten a bit ahead of Ed and Des during the past week. We all started Horde characters, Tauren to be specific. My new character, Munaki, is a Tauren Shaman. I've been looking forward to trying out the shaman class and so far I am impressed. Now I just need to get Mortir's tailoring up so he can start providing bags for his Horde siblings.

Also this past week my car died. Supposedly I need a new starter cylinoid. Whatever. I figure it needed to go in for 2 recalls, an oil change, a replacement on an exhaust hanger and a recharge of the cooling system. So it was due for service anyway. I am a bit worried that I haven't heard from them since last Wednesday though.

But the week ended well with some work for my parents and a visit from Heather. Saturday we didn't do too much for construction work, just a couple of window well railings. Most of Saturday was spent doing yard work. I helped my mom mow a couple of yards, including my cousin's. Then moved on to my own yard. Earlier that day I'd had a bad experience with a can of Great Stuff. I was trying to fill in the bee hole but the Great Stuff can was defective and I ended up with Great Stuff all over my hands. I ended up getting it off with some nail polish remover. Don't ask, I have no idea why that was under the bathroom sink. Then Sunday was another short day. Harold and I went to the summer pasture and replaced two fence posts. They weren't too bad, but could have been easier. I was bleeding within 5 minutes of arriving. I caught the knuckle of my left thumb with the back side of the prybar. I also managed to find some barbwire fence but fortunately that didn't draw blood. I was actually kind of surprised that Harold ended up with more cuts than I did. Usually I seem to manage to injure myself more than he does.

But as I said it wasn't all pain and free flowing blood. Heather was kind enough to come and visit after a party with some of her friends in the cities. She was even nice enough to make lasagna on Sunday. I, being the pain in the butt that I am, couldn't resist taking some photos of her cooking.

That pretty much brings us up to the present. Be sure to check out the Pictures page as there are a couple new Rocky photos as well as some of the other kitties and of course, Heather cooking. Check back next week to hear all about Fantasy Football Draft Day. I bet you can't wait...